[Bug 7949] Quicktest Pro 8.2 fails to start up

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------- Additional Comments From rob at codeweavers.com  2007-08-04 11:02 -------
This Rainbow key being missing is caused by the WrSetLicense custom action not running during the 

The reason this action isn't being performed is more complicated. The installer sets a whole load of 
properties on a package during the interactive part of the install (including MI_LICTYPE) and then 
appears to persist all of these by executing the query "SELECT * FROM _Property", before closing the 
package and calling MsiInstallPackage with the persisted properties. Now the _Property non-persistant 
table should reflect the properties currently set, but this table doesn't exist in our MSI implementation 
and so the MI_LICTYPE property isn't set during the install and so the WrSetLicense action, which 
depends on this property existing to run, doesn't run.

The fix should be simple in theory, but is actually quite hard as the table infrastructure doesn't have a 
concept of non-persistent tables.

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