[Bug 735] The WM_INPUTLANGCHANGE message is not send when switching layouts

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Mon Apr 9 04:03:55 CDT 2007


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Re detection - that's not exactly the case. All layouts that start with the
country name will match approximately, and thus do the right thing. Matching by
name (and in binary search) is much more efficient. Plus, you can get the
complete list for a given server (at least for X.org) from
/usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/ (which I will do before submitting), so I do, in
fact, think this method is better. In essence, this is no different than the
need to code all keyboard layouts today, except that we need to store (and
compare) less information per keyboard, and the search is (much) more efficient.

For example, Israel has about three or four layouts. I only coded one into the
code, despite the fact that it's not the one I work with (I work with Israel -
lyx). The code does the right thing, and will continue to do the right thing
even if more languages are added, due to the way the list is ordered.

The only place this method is arguably not better is where multi-lingual
countries exist (such as Canada), where getting only an approximate match MAY
result in the wrong language being reported. Even there, the language name
usually precedes the layout name (i.e. - "Canada - French Dvorak"), so the
partial match algorithm will do the right thing.

Looking at the code again, though, I guess do need to use "stricmp" instead of

Re DebugBreak - I was afraid that assert will be compiled away on non-debug builds.


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