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Mon Apr 9 12:57:49 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From rmh at aybabtu.com  2007-09-04 12:57 -------

I've attached one exhaustive test for each platform.  Here are the digested results:

POSIX / ISO C99 functions that win32 doesn't support:

  %C, %D, %e, %F, %g, %G, %h, %r, %R, %T, %u, %V

GNU extensions that win32 doesn't support:

  %k, %l, %P, %s

Extensions defined in ISO C99 / POSIX that win32 implements differently:

  %z, %Z

I can easily add code to nullify all the unsupported extensions above, and
replace %z / %Z with something more suitable.  With this we archive 100%
compatibility AFAICT.

If you still want me to reimplement the whole thing using
GetDateFormat/GetTimeFormat, I can try that too.  But it could take me a while..
I would really like if we could sort it out around native strftime instead.


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