[Bug 5556] Ventrilo unable to use DirectInput for Push-To-Talk

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Tue Apr 10 19:13:09 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From jbdubbs at gmail.com  2007-10-04 19:13 -------
Yes, it seems there's a few things going on here.  Ventrilo and (for instance)
World of Warcraft cannot communicate in seperate X windows.  If I use them in
the same virtual desktop, they work fine UNLESS DirectInput is checked.  So, it
works to an extent.  I suppose this means that wine is functioning properly,
minus potentially the DirectInput part.  Using DInput to capture the hotkey
works in Windows, so maybe I should file another bug, since this one has been
screwed with for so long, messing with problems that aren't really related to
the description now that 1410 is fixed.

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