[Bug 7889] ALSA sound hangs since 0.9.33

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Wed Apr 11 21:53:07 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From trent-ch at cox.net  2007-11-04 21:53 -------
Sound problems found in wine 0.9.31-->0.9.34. Not sure if my problem is 
completly related to the bug report but I am adding my comment here rather 
than opening a new bug report incase it has bearing.

When playing the game Diablo II, I have problems with the sound being 
corrupted. It sounds like the sound drivers are hanging causing a short burst 
of sound to be repeated over and over again. This usually occurs within the 
first 10 minutes of play. 

I first noticed the problem with wine-0.9.31. It was present in 0.9.32, I 
didn't test 0.9.33, but did test 0.9.34. Reverting wine back to 0.9.30 removes 
the sound problem.

I run 2.6.19-gentoo-r5 kernel in a gentoo distribution, with KDE as my 

Alsa-lib and Alsa headers are version 1.0.13
Alsa compiled into kernel.

Here is my use flag list for wine 
alsa, arts, cups, dbus,hal, jpeg, ldap,ncurses,opengl, scanner,X, and xml.
Compiler is GCC-4.1.1-r3.
when I compiled wine in versions 0.9.31,and 0.9.32 use flag list was the same 
except i didn't have scanner active.

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