[Bug 5877] Photoshop 7 crashes when Font tool is used with an OpenType PS font (*.otf)

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Sat Apr 14 22:59:35 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From dank at kegel.com  2007-14-04 22:59 -------
I tried copying ImpactLTStd.otf to c:/windows/fonts
and using that font in the Photoshop 6 Tryout text tool,
and though it doesn't crash, neither does Photoshop 6 display them
properly.  It did advance to the next line when I hit
enter, but no pixels were darkened.

I'll attach the +font log.  The following section
has a suspicious "Can't find table" warning:

"/home/dank/.wine/dosdevices/c:/windows/fonts/ImpactLTStd.otf", 0, 0 x 100
trace:font:WineEngGetFontData font=0x21553f0, table=584d4456, offset=00000000,
buf=0x33f52c, cbData=6
trace:font:WineEngGetFontData Can't find table 56444d58.
trace:font:WineEngGetOutlineTextMetrics font=0x21553f0
trace:font:WineEngGetOutlineTextMetrics OS/2 winA = 936 winD = 203 typoA = 714
typoD = -286 typoLG = 200 FT_Face a = 714, d = 

Kelly, can you attach a +font,+relay log (probably compressed)
of the shortest session you can think of that exhibits the crash?

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