[Bug 8039] Values cannot be entered in Controls

Hans Huber Hans.Huber at gmx.de
Sat Apr 14 08:31:53 CDT 2007


I think I have seen the error in Google somewhere. I'm going to check again.
Inthe meantime I can offer to upload the .iso for testing to a closed
group. I don't think it can be downloaded for trial.
And I can offer to debug it myself, if I get enough help. I'm new to
wine. I know Linux for quite a while. I learned Programming more than 20
years ago (Pascal, Assembler). But I'm not up to speed regarding Windows
API, C++ (I'm doing more Perl, xHarbour, WinBatch, AutoIt, very little C
these days (much more 17 years ago).

If I match the signs correctly, Map&Guide and Falk have merged. One has
taken over the "low level" SW while the other is doing fleet SW. And
Navi's and so on. Just guess work. I have an older Navi SW from
Map&Guide, which looks 99.5 % the same, exept for the name...

Falk seams to sell the German version of Grosser Falk Reiseplaner (only
German). If you switch the language to English you can't find any signs
of the SW.

And thanks for the quick reply.

Wine Bugs schrieb:
> http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8039
> ------- Additional Comments From dank at kegel.com  2007-14-04 07:40 -------
> Urs, we can't quite tell what's wrong from your
> description and screen shot. 
> Oddly, the product doesn't seem to have a home page.
> It is offered for 10 euros from 
> http://www.pearl.de/p/PK2685-Grosser-Falk-Reiseplaner-2005-auf-DVD.html
> Can you reproduce this problem in an application that
> is freely downloadable?  That would make it easier
> for us to see and fix.

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