[Bug 8062] Adobe Acrobat Pro 7 Tryout installer crashes while trying to remove printer

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Mon Apr 16 10:21:27 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From focht at gmx.net  2007-16-04 10:21 -------

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Next question: why doesn't it crash on Windows?
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My guess: component/code probably isnt loaded/executed on native windows.
Though i admit i can't really verify it now (dont want to mess up my XP+Acrobat8
If this code snippet is executed on windows it will crash there too for sure.

If curious, start the acrobat msi setup package, attach a debugger to msi
service, let the debugger break on dll load event.
For every break, compare all temporarily created installer dlls (msiXXXX.tmp in
%TEMP%) with MD5=afdcb82bc57eab7c1062b9b2ecbc0cf3 with filesize 53248 bytes.
This is the buggy one.
If this one gets loaded, put a breakpoint to desired address (disassembly
snippet) and single step before the call at text:10004C34. Make note of stack
Step over and watch stack pointer again. Then let go ... 

Believe me, this code isnt valid :)


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