[Bug 5809] "native" (Microsoft) MSI does not work with wine 0.9.18

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Mon Apr 16 16:24:54 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From focht at gmx.net  2007-16-04 16:24 -------

you have to start the msi installer service manually before trying to run msi
client on NT based wine configs.
For that, use a tool which can call appropriate SCM api.
A very handy one is the NT based "sc.exe" (copy it over from windows system32

The errornous CLSID you see in trace {000C101C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} is
IMsiServer, provided by CoRegisterClassObject which runs in ServiceMainThread .

You have following options:

1. run native msi under winecfg=Win9X -> runs msi as inproc server -> no service
2. use sc.exe to spawn separate service (out-of-proc ole server) process

To ensure all necessary registry entries are created you can use following
options on msiexec.exe binary itself:

/regserver (out-of-proc ole service)(out-of-proc ole service)
/regserverca (out-of-proc ole service)
/regnoservice (out-of-proc ole server only)

(same applies to /unregxxxxx stuff)

You can run native msiexec installer from commandline using following options:

as client: "msiexec /i <product>.msi /l*v install.log"
as service (name = "msiserver"): "msiexec /v"
as custom action server: "msiexec.exe -Embedding <some GUID>"


1. "wine msiexec /regserver"
2. "wine sc.exe start MsiService" (after that you have msiexec service process
3. "wine msiexec /i <blah>.msi /l*v install.log"

If you have problems/encounter bugs, feel free to report back.
This stuff probably applies to many native msi installer service related bug
reports :)


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