[Bug 5761] wcmd double-transforms Unicode filenames

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Tue Apr 17 16:05:56 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From us at edmeades.me.uk  2007-17-04 16:05 -------
Can you please see if this is still a problem as I'd like to work the problem 
through with you to work out what is going on

I did some testing with a character I can get with altgr + a (unicode c3a6 - 
æ). Basically it would appear the environment variable LC_CTYPE is the key to 
this. If I set LC_CTYPE to en_GB this didnt work at all, but setting it to 
en_US and it all worked properly (echo, dir etc). 

Whats the LANG and LC_CTYPE set to here? Any suggestions for a non-NLS linux 
person to recreate the problem?

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