[Bug 8093] New: running windows IME modules under wine

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Wed Apr 18 07:48:42 CDT 2007


           Summary: running windows IME modules under wine
           Product: Wine
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: All
               URL: http://tools.google.com/pinyin/
        OS/Version: other
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: critical
          Priority: P2
         Component: wine-misc
        AssignedTo: wine-bugs at winehq.org
        ReportedBy: gaofeng.huang at balliol.ox.ac.uk

There are quite a log of windows input method modules (IMEs) has no linux port.

two steps are involved here:
1) implements ime-related APIs to make it run.
2) using the wined-IME to input character to normal(non-wine) X11 program. I
think this is hard and related to the general IME/XIM infrastructure. Hence I
fired this bug here.

As a example, we can tried the newly released Google-Pinyin 
(in case you cannot read chinese, the BIG blue button in the right side is for
Huge numbers of chinese users are waiting. Thanks.

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