[Bug 5039] Grandia 2 doesnt run

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Wed Apr 18 12:54:14 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From ysperchy at puj.edu.co  2007-18-04 12:54 -------
The game does work, you have to press F9 in order to skip the cinematics... it
appears that wine cannot play cinematics within a game, so you have to do this.

I messed a little with the game afterwards and everything works great, except
for Four mayor bugs:
1) The videos don't work(it is important if you have not play the game before
and want to enjoy the story, altough you can play them with mplayer but you have
to know the order they appear)
2) If you have asign a gamepad to play the game, the arrows on the gamepad don't
work(this can be worked around if you use the keyboard, although i hate using
the kb in these type of games)
3) Shadows don't work either (this is the less relevant bug if you're not after
aesthetic of the game)
4) The worst one: When in game graphics, the position of the camera is sometimes
too far away making you see all the map and glitches (specially after winning a
fight) if you have control of the game you can solve this going into the
iventory and then out to the game, the camera will be restored, but it's a pain
in the ass and specially in the scenes where you cannot control the party.

As you see, if it weren't for bug 4 the game will be playable and ejoyable...

Well I hope this works, take care...

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