[Bug 5761] wcmd double-transforms Unicode filenames

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Wed Apr 18 18:11:13 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From davidl at lmert.com  2007-18-04 18:11 -------
Yes,  this is still a problem in 0.9.32 and 0.9.43.  

Actually,  Wine's "CMD.EXE" works all right in an 8-bit locale such as
"LANG=en_US.iso88591".  The difference in file-lengths in that
case is caused by an extra space (0x20) charachter.

However,  the problem shows up with a Unicode terminal (such as uxterm) and a
Unicode locale (such as "LANG=en_US.utf8").  Here's a simplified version of the
problem; "A" represents a non-ASCII character, "@" represents a blank spot or
special symbol (depending on font) because of an invalid UTF-8 sequence,  and
"XX" represents two characters that are the LATIN-1 glyphs for the parts of a
UTF-8 character:

bash> echo bA >bA
bash> wine CMD.EXE
cmd> echo xA >xA
cmd> dir /w
[.]    [..]    b@   xA
cmd> exit
bash> ls
bA   xXX

The files that should be "bA" and "xA", respectively, contain the UTF-8 text
"bA\n" and "xA \n" (the first is 4 bytes long if the character A fits in two
bytes,  and the second is 5 bytes long). 

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