[Bug 922] Baldur's Gate II Setup.exe and others fail:Error Number: 0x80040706

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Thu Apr 19 10:03:54 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From focht at gmx.net  2007-19-04 10:03 -------

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Can we have Wine detect the buggy installshield and 
give a specific warning that directs the user to
a wiki page that describes the fix?
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Detect a broken ishield installation (already present) or quiet prerequisite
installation (presetup step)?
Possible but why hack wine for such deficencies.


Some shell script that checks for buggy (known) ishield versions by traversing
file system (beware of localized folder names/different ishield version folders)
MD5 on specific files, like "IKernel.exe" which is checked against "bad boy" list.
Only useful if ishield components already present.
Not fool proof, if the app installer brings it's own buggy ishield kernel
(older/newer) along and uses it.


Hook LoadLibraryA/W and -Ex on api level (like in native windows).
Can be global or local hook (wrapper spawn with dll injection).
That way *any* buggy version of installshield kernel can be detected at runtime.
Detection would be same as 1. -> check module MD5 against list of known "bad boys".

Though one has to ask: how many buggy installshield versions are floating around
and how many wine bug reports might result from this?
You might end up writing detection tools for all sorts of installers ...
I don't see the value by adding such stuff to wine (as scripts/diagnostic tools).

There is already "Wine Known Issues" wiki page present, with that 0x80040706
listed too.
Maybe some link could be added which directs the user to ishield support page
(for this case: http://consumer.installshield.com/kb.asp?id=q110641)


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