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Thu Apr 19 13:54:17 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From focht at gmx.net  2007-19-04 13:54 -------

next time try to fill bug report more thoroughly, e.g. include app name in
summary and provide app download link (even if i already know it).

First, the app doesnt crash.
It exits due to license manager error (after confirm dialog).

The console message you see is an interesting wine issue.

--- snip ---
Warning: the specified Windows directory L"%SystemRoot%" is not accessible.
--- snip ---

I searched bug database and found some references to this error message but no
one could explain it.

Took some time to find the real cause: some custom installer licensing component
does it.
It only happens if you let "NT Drivers" component selected on standard/custom
"NT Drivers" is Crypkey licensing component which adds kernel driver and native
nt service.

--- snip wine trace ---
0045:trace:advapi:OpenSCManagerW ((null),(null),0x000f003f)
0045:trace:advapi:sc_handle_alloc sc_handle type=0 -> 0x162260
0045:trace:reg:RegConnectRegistryW ((null),0x80000002,0x34fe90): stub
0045:trace:reg:NtCreateKey <- 0x3c
0045:trace:advapi:OpenSCManagerW returning 0x162260
0045:trace:reg:NtCreateKey (0x34,L"SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Session
0045:trace:reg:NtCreateKey <- 0x40
0045:trace:reg:NtSetValueKey (0x40,L"WINDIR",1,0x166748,26)
0045:trace:advapi:OpenServiceA 0x162260 "Crypkey License" 983551
0045:trace:advapi:OpenServiceW 0x162260 L"Crypkey License" 983551
0045:trace:reg:NtOpenKey (0x3c,L"Crypkey License",f003f,0x34fe90)
--- snip wine trace ---

Basically the %WINDIR% registry entry is modified during custom component
*mumble* Developers should be shot at once for messing around with such stuff ...


Manager\Environment\WinDir -> c:\windows 


Manager\Environment\WinDir -> %systemroot%

The interesting point of this: it might have worked, if wine supports
I tested it by importing an REG_EXPAND_SZ Windir but it's ignored by wine.
So this unearthed a wine deficiency too :)
To fix this, restore the REG_SZ key after installation to "c:\windows".


As mentioned above, the app itself is protected by crypkey software
protection/licensing scheme (http://www.crypkey.com/).
This includes some NT service and kernel driver.
The kernel driver obviously wont work due to known wine limitations (native
ntoskrnl api).

The NT service itself should run but it seems the SCM stuff wont work lately due
to recent git commits (named pipe issues/broken).
My native msi service wont work too due to that issue.
Seems to affect ole (out-of-proc) servers stuff too.

--- snip ---
err:ole:local_server_thread Failure during ConnectNamedPipe 317
--- snip ---

If pipe/scm stuff gets resolved, i might investigate further 

But be aware: if the kernel mode licensing component is really needed to work,
you might be completely out of luck.
You could try the whole stuff with winecfg=Win9X, it might be possible they use
non ring0 mechanisms for that platform.


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