[Bug 2398] OpenGL is only used on top level windows so child windows get overdrawn

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Fri Apr 20 11:15:22 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From thunderbird2k at gmx.net  2007-20-04 11:15 -------
As I mentioned before this patch is not acceptable by Alexandre. The way to go
is to basically revert the window management change in wine. After this change
there were only X11 windows left for toplevel windows (and filemenus and some
other small things).

This is the most tricky area of Wine to play with and basically Alexandre is the
only one who knows it well. I fear that it will take months or even longer to
get ready, so don't count on anything. Once opengl32 is stable which it can be
made after this huge change, then and only then WineD3D will be ported over to
WGL. If we really go this way then WineD3D->WGL wouldn't be needed for windowed
direct3d but it would nonetheless be useful.

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