[Bug 7520] Lotus Notes display some fonts as normal instead of bold or italic

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------- Additional Comments From dave at waveform.plus.com  2007-20-04 18:19 -------
On a hunch, I discovered a work-around for this bug: change the Default Sans 
Serif font to something other than Microsoft Sans Serif (the default). To use 
the workaround:

1. Start up Notes
2. Select File | Preferences | User Preferences... (you'll need the oleacc.dll  
override, mentioned at http://wiki.winehq.org/LotusNotes to avoid this crashing 
3. Under the "Basics" tab, which should be selected by default, click on the 
"Default Fonts..." button in the "Display Options" group at the top left
4. In the dialog that appears, select something other than Microsoft Sans Serif 
in the "Default Sans Serif" drop-down list.

If you have the problem with Default Monospace as well, pick a different 
default font for that too.

I've tried Arial and Courier New for the Default Sans Serif and Default 
Monospace fonts respectively and found it fixes the problem nicely (also fixes 
bold or italic fonts not appearing in navigators, e.g. folders in one's mail 
database which contain unread mail), and other elements of the user interface 
where Default Sans Serif has been used.

Obviously, this workaround will cause things to look a little different 
(wherever a database, a memo, or some chunk of the interface used Microsoft 
Sans Serif it'll now use Arial (or whatever you've chosen) instead). However, 
provided the substituted font is similar to Microsoft Sans Serif it's barely 

This workaround does also suggest that the underlying bug is something to do 
with the Microsoft Sans Serif font (given that substituting another TTF font 
like Arial cures it)... Is there something "special" about it?

Tested with Notes 7.0 / Wine 0.9.35.

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