[Bug 8122] Command and Conqueror 3 renders incorrectly with >Low VFX detail

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Sat Apr 21 12:41:01 CDT 2007


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------- Additional Comments From ns03ja at brocku.ca  2007-21-04 12:41 -------
I have shader detail set to "Ultra High" without any ill effects, so this 
definitely isn't a dupe of bug 8048. The problem stems from the "VFX Detail" 
slider, which is distinct from the "Shader Detail" slider.

I also didn't notice any issues with the movies not being scaled (although 
they seemed slightly choppy, perhaps 15 fps instead of 30 fps) either, as in 
bug 7990.

I was using virtual desktop mode initially, but now that I try fullscreen 
mode, the issue goes away. Mind you, a new issue appears if I set the 
resolution to anything higher than 1024x768 (tested 1152x864 and 1600x1200), 
see the attached screenshot. Although, this "new" issue also goes away if I 
set "VFX Detail" back to Low, so I suspect they're related issues.

wine --version indicates the version as above (it's git from yesterday).

UseGLSL = enabled
OffscreenRenderingMode = fbo

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