[Bug 7949] Quicktest Pro 8.2 fails to start up

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Sat Apr 21 22:14:28 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From dank at kegel.com  2007-21-04 22:14 -------
With James' patches applied to current git,
the app seems to get further.  

However, the installer now puts up an error dialog
  "Failed to install temporary license.
   The License manager (lic_mng.dll) is not registered 
   (error code -2147221166)."

Looking at the +ole,+module,+file,+text, I see:

trace:module:load_dll looking for L"lic_mng.dll" in
warn:module:load_dll Failed to load module L"lic_mng.dll"; status=c0000135
err:ole:COMPOBJ_DllList_Add couldn't load in-process dll L"lic_mng.dll"
trace:text:DrawTextExW L"Failed to install temporary license.\nThe License
manager (lic_mng.dll) is not registered (error code -2147221166).", -1,
[(0,0)-(352,0)] 00000450

Now, that file was installed to
.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Mercury Interactive/QuickTest

so I suspect MODULE_get_dll_load_path ought to be returning that
directory in the path used by LoadLibraryEx, but isn't for
some reason.  Could another registry entry be missing?  Or
is something else funky?
If you run the app, it gives you a chance to enter the 
same "maintenance number" as the installer did, but
it also wants a license number, which doesn't seem right
offhand.  (I haven't tried it in Windows.)

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