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------- Additional Comments From ruediger.koerschulte at gmx.de  2007-22-04 05:31 -------

looking at the screenshots this seems some merchandise management software from
***********That`s right!
On their product page they state the client and server software runs on various
platforms (operating systems). 
*********** Correct for windows

Do you run the client software which is used on windows?
*********Noramly on windows, I try on LINUX SUSE 10.2 
The screenshot shows some terminal-like application with text based ui
communicating over tty.
*********TTY ist correct, what do you mean with ui?

Could you attach some terminal output of wine?
e.g. run: wine appname >log.txt 2>&1
Maybe some FIXMEs/WARNINGs reveal more ...
*********I`ve done,

Could please test if any version higher than 0.9.27 works for the terminal output.
Try 0.9.28, 0.9.30, 0.9.31 and above until you reach the non-working one (just
to minimize regression testing).
Please ignore the german "Umlaute" issue and concentrate on the issue where the
terminal output gets broken.
**********Different log`s in attachments!

Thank you very much your interesting my problem!!!


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