[Bug 7943] osfinancials.exe does not run when using wine in combination with ubuntu edgy 6.10

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Mon Apr 23 08:42:23 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From dank at kegel.com  2007-23-04 08:42 -------
I can only amplify a bit on what Anastasius asked.

How did you install?  Were you using the recipe described here
or were you just using a default install of osfinancials?

Were you using firebird?  If so, was it running as a service or as
an application?

Does the problem perist if you do
  cd $HOME
  mv .wine .wine.old
and then reinstall a fresh download of the latest osFinancials?

Me, I ran the latest osfinancials on a fresh wine directory
with all defaults.  There were some issues (which I should
post in another bug) but not the one you describe, unless
I'm confused.

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