[Bug 7949] Quicktest Pro 8.2 fails to start up

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------- Additional Comments From andrey.turkin at gmail.com  2007-25-04 06:57 -------
So, I will participate as describer then.
First DWORD of stream is ATL version (0x800 or such). pMap array describe
meaning of stream remainder.
pMap element with NULL pclsidPropPage marks end of array; elements with NULL
szDesc must be ignored. Rest elements are either:
1)	raw data – dwSizeData bytes must be read from stream to an object pointed  by
pThis at offset dwOffsetData. However, if this entry describe BSTR, when in the
stream there are DWORD - string length in bytes, followed by string itself. In
this case pointer to SysAllocString-allocated BSTR must be written to the object.
2)	Property – if dwSizeData is zero. In this case serialized VARIANT property is
read from stream (CComVariant::ReadFromString way, I’ll describe it later);
variant type must be equal to pMap’s vt, unless it is VT_EMPTY. piidDispatch is
IID of interface (which must derive from IDispatch)  to put property to, and
dispid is obviously property id.

Implementation does not care for endianness.

VARIANT serialized as follows:
2)	Raw data for simple types (1, 2, 4 or 8 bytes); prepared for
OleLoadFromStream data in case of VT_UNKNOWN or VT_DISPATCH; or BSTR serialized
as described earlier.

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