[Bug 8176] Texture wrapping is not supported

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Wed Apr 25 22:01:20 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From floppie at quadra-tec.net  2007-25-04 22:01 -------
Well, GeForce 7300GS with nVidia proprietary drivers (version 9755).  Playing
EverQuest 1 and what clued me in was that "fixme:d3d:state_wrap
(WINED3DRS_WRAP0) Texture wraping not yet supported" gets spammed to the console
while playing, with terrain textures disappearing (spending most of their time
not visible).  It's not listed in the FIXMEs, so I posted it here.  I'd post a
whole log of the session but it's pretty long and consists almost entirely of
"fixme:d3d:state_wrap (WINED3DRS_WRAP0) Texture wraping not yet supported".

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