[Bug 7698] Counter-Strike:Source crashes after a while

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Fri Apr 27 13:19:22 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From jrliggett at cox.net  2007-27-04 13:19 -------
Luke: I tried the fix last night, and it did seem to have a very noticeable
effect on HL2DM, but not on CS:S. I was able to play for a good half-hour (no
crashes, I just stopped playing.) I think these problems are slightly different,
but closely related. If you look in your steam folder, you'll find the fonts in
question in conunter-strike: source/cstrike/resource and for HL2DM half-life 2
deathmatch/hl2mp/resource. CS uses a whole set of different fonts for its
decals, such as cs.ttf, csd.ttf, and cslogo.ttf, to name a few. I tried adding
these font families (they're the same as the filename without the .ttf) to the
if statement in the patch, and while it seemed to last longer (I could get a
solid 10 rounds out of de_dust2) it didn't totally fix the issue. 

On a related note, I did notice that when CS crashes, it complains about the
fonts I mentioned above before the debugger tries to start (it never does, don't
know what's up with that.) I'll reproduce and see if I can post these errors and
maybe even a trace to help us nail this one. 

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