[Bug 8222] Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2 fails to install

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Mon Apr 30 10:32:16 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From focht at gmx.net  2007-30-04 10:32 -------

--- quote ---
This might be a dup of bug 5348, ask James.
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After much investigation on my own, it actually turns out to be a dup of bug 5768 

I couldnt believe the installer wont run on windows so i debugged msi installer
service process itself, which loads and executes custom action dlls.

Basically the windows part itself is wrong due to an internal msi ansi<->unicode
conversion bug (Windows XP SP2 with latest patches).
It turns out this bug goes rather unnoticed without further damage due to the
nature of returned data :)

I recorded all stack parameters before the call to windows msi.MsiGetPropertyA()
and compared after.
Same just like wine.
First call is to determine buffer length.

--- snip analysis ---

009AF80C   00000042  hInstall
009AF814   00000000  szValueBuf
009AF818   009AF830  pchValueBuf

pchValueBuf: 009AF830  -> 0x0

upon return:

pchValueBuf: 009AF830  -> 0x8   <--- bug!

second call:

009AF80C   00000042  hInstall
009AF814   003A2200  szValueBuf
009AF818   009AF830  pchValueBuf

dump of szValueBuf (ANSI):

003A2200  54 72 75 65 00 00 00 00 08 00 02 00 EE 01 0C 00  True............
--- snip analysis ---

Remember, the property value to be retrieved is "True" (ANSI -> len = 4).

The first call returns: len = 8
This is indeed the ANSI version of msi.MsiGetProperty that returns this!

Windows internal API is unicode based.
That's why all passed in parameters get converted to unicode and back upon return.
E.g. for ANSI api function: ansi2unicode -> internal msi (rpc4) -> unicode2ansi.
Thats the theory.
Due to a bug in the "ERROR_MORE_DATA" case, the length parameter which was
lstrlenW("True") == 4 upon return gets incorrectly doubled (2*len) - probably
some "sizeof(WCHAR)*len" code.


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