[Bug 5348] Adobe Photoshop CS2 install fails.

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------- Additional Comments From truiken at gmail.com  2007-30-04 13:35 -------
>From bug 5768:

------- Additional Comment #7 From Mike McCormack  2007-01-11 20:30 -------

The "AMT_WriteRemoveFileEntry" action problem is a bug in MsiGetPropertyA that
we don't emulate.

Adobe products use MsiGetPropertyA in custom actions to fetch the value of
various properties like this:

char *get_prop( const char *name )
    UINT r;
    DWORD sz;
    char *str;

    /* sz is meant to be the size in TCHARs excluding nul */
    r = MsiGetPropertyA( handle, name, NULL, &sz);
    if (r != ERROR_SUCCESS || sz == 0) return NULL;

    /* sz would be too short here.... */
    str = HeapAlloc(GetProcessHeap(), 0, sz);
    MsiGetPropertyA( handle, name, NULL, &sz);
    if (r != ERROR_SUCCESS || sz == 0) goto error;

    return str;
    /* log a message and fail */

The above code works in the installer, but we have a number of test cases
showing that it shouldn't.

The code is run in the context of a custom action.  After writing a test case
for the above code in a custom action, the problem was apparent. 
MsiGetPropertyA has a bug in this case; it returns the size of the wide string
in bytes.

eg. if the property value is "Photoshop.dll" it returns 26, not 13, so the above
code works.

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