[Bug 9169] Battlefield 2142: Regression: Spawn screen is invisible after joining a server

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Fri Aug 3 09:11:25 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From vitaliy at kievinfo.com  2007-03-08 09:11 -------
No it doesn't look ok. The whole propose of the patch was to allow Desktop to
receive focus.

That function is used in only one place. That place is responsible for letting
user space know to send activate/deactivate messages to windows when foreground
window changes (see set_foreground_window in dlls/user32/focus.c).

All that simply means that any app that calls SetForegroundWindow
(GetDesktopWindow()) will work properly while it didn't work before at all in Wine.

On the side note, virtual desktop does not guarantee proper focus handling. If
you have such problems you should not use virtual-desktop.

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