[Bug 3703] wincfg display have letters missing/wrong letters on finnish text

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Fri Aug 3 10:28:03 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From hurtta+wine2 at leija.mh.fmi.fi  2007-03-08 10:28 -------
| The problem is that your Freetype version is too old (2.1.4) and it doesn't
| support Wine bitmap fonts. Therefore Wine replaces its builtin bitmap font
| "System" by an one provided by your system "Adventure" (/usr/share/fonts/ttf/ 
| western/Adventure.ttf) and that one doesn't have characters you need.
| You can install microsoft core fonts package to workaround this problem, or
| upgrade Freetype to at least version 2.1.9.

OK.   There is still "CCNI" in place of "ÄÄNI".

WINEDEBUG="+font,+xrender"  says:

trace:font:WineEngInit FreeType version is 2.3.5
trace:font:AddFontFileToList Loading font file
 index 0
warn:font:AddFontFileToList Unable to load font file
s.fon" err = 1
trace:font:AddFontFileToList Loading font file
 index 0
trace:font:AddFontFileToList pix_h 16 charset 0 dpi 96x96 pt 10
trace:font:AddFontFileToList Adding bitmap size h 16 w 7 size 10 x_ppem 13 y_ppem 13
trace:font:AddFontFileToList fsCsb = 00000001 00000000/00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
trace:font:AddFontFileToList Added font L"System" L"Regular"
trace:font:AddFontFileToList Loading font file
 index 0

So at least Wine thinks that FreeType 2.3.5 is used ...

So it probably also some other library ....

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