[Bug 9148] Wine can't seem to cerate any K-Menu entries.

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Sat Aug 4 18:28:17 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From mdirk at sympatico.ca  2007-04-08 18:28 -------
Well first of all, by trying to answer your question, I can't comply with your
request, that I not reopen the bug report.

But then the question you had used to close the bug report was also a fiction,
since it as not meant to be answered.

Now you're telling me, after clearly not looking at the file output I've sent
you, that you believe the KDE is at fault on one out of two computers, which
I've written are identical in Linux distributions. So it makes perfect sense to
you that the same KDE is buggy on one computer and not the other, even though
I'm not having any problems, outside of running WINE.

Next, you follow the Microsoft example of practice, by asking me in writing to
submit proof that I had done what you told me to do, even though the results are
in the files I submitted.

But then as I already said, your questions are of a theatrical nature, since
answering them causes you to break out in bold-faced temper-tantrums.

Please don't ask me any more fictitious questions. I don't need WINE that badly.


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