[Bug 9200] Dogfights crashes on launch due to Unimplimented DLL function WinHttpOpen

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Tue Aug 7 06:05:43 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From hans at it.vu.nl  2007-07-08 06:05 -------
Confirmed. The original bug seems to be fixed (but note that you
need to cd into the program directory to avoid another error).

Next problem is that openssl returns error 18 (self signed certificate)
for the certificate used by the game's site. If you point your browser
to that site or run this command you'll get the same error:

 $ openssl s_client -connect www.kumagames.com:443 

I guess this works in Windows because the user has already visited
the site (presumably to download the software or register an account)
and accepted the bogus certificate. On Windows winhttp then consults
the user's trusted certificates list and finds it.

A workaround would be to configure your openssl installation to accept
self-signed certificates (or just this certificate, to be on the
safe side). A real solution probably entails a full implementation
of SSL in Wine.

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