[Bug 4277] GetPixel() returns wrong value for monochrome bitmaps

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Wed Aug 8 11:48:19 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From the3dfxdude at gmail.com  2007-08-08 11:48 -------
The ToLogical function is not adequate for what Get/Set Pixel needs here. For
one, it queries the screen_depth when it should be querying the bitmap's depth.
So what it is doing is returning a direct RGB as if it's >8bpp and not
performing the palette lookup. Even if you fix that there are more issues. I
tried looking at the PHYSBITMAP's colorMap and it's not set. So it looks
dependent on the device. Somebody with knowledge of winex11 will probably need
to fix it appropriately.

Just way of information, the dib engine I'm writing doesn't have this problem,
but this app doesn't create a dib. Winex11 still needs to be fixed.

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