[Bug 9037] Directory creation and file copy error.

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Fri Aug 10 16:54:00 CDT 2007


--- Comment #8 from Jason Edmeades <us at edmeades.me.uk>  2007-08-10 16:54:00 ---
2 new patches sent tonight for (4) and (6). One bug report, 6 issues, 5.5
patches (the .5 was I didnt actually do the dialog for changing directory!)

So to sum up:
1. cmd.exe doesnt wait for GUI pgms to end from a batch pgm 
=> patch committed :-)
2. setupapi ignores 's 
=> added tests committed :-)
3. The advpack silently ignores the flags and hence doesnt prompt for 
destination dir
=> added fixme comitted :-)
4. Regedit fails to handle the .reg file supplied and issues ERRORS
=> Patch just sent
5. advpack needs to strip quotes from keys
=> Patch sent to fix this (resent)
6. setupapi strips backslash from end of integer based directory if subsequent
text has a backslash
=> Patch and tests sent to fix this

Waiting on further commits then bug can go

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