[Bug 9301] windows almost never focussed or loose focus

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Tue Aug 14 11:46:38 CDT 2007


--- Comment #6 from Jörg Höhle <hoehle at users.sourceforge.net>  2007-08-14 11:46:38 ---
Sorry for posting log snippets.

I found out that the order of EnterNotify vs ClientMessage/takefocus depends on
whether the window will be selected at the end:
- EnterNotify then take focus: unselected at end
- take focus, then EnterNotify: selected

>The change you talking about happened in wine-0.9.42.
Confirmed. I changed server/window.c:is_top_level_window() to what it was
before and the iconify & input problems went away (mentioned refresh problems
and winecfg accepting clicks despite not being shown active and remaining
inactive are still there), even with focus_mouse "sloppy".

 Jörg Höhle

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