[Bug 3997] New modal dialogs are behind main window

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Tue Aug 21 17:35:27 CDT 2007


--- Comment #34 from Mikolaj Zalewski <mikolaj.zalewski at gmail.com>  2007-08-21 17:35:26 ---
It helped with the installation of all Photoshop versions I have and with
startup of Photoshop 6 but not 7, CS or CS2. It seems the difference is that in
Photoshop 6 the message box is the child of the splash screen while on Windows
it's the child of the main window. The splash becomes managed when the message
box appears but is still above it.

I've found also two small regressions: the palette windows (which are now
managed) can't be resized anymore and if I minimize and restore again the whole
Photoshop they loose their caption.

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