[Bug 10632] wineprefixcreate, winecfg, programs all fail with errors

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Sat Dec 1 18:39:04 CST 2007


--- Comment #4 from Dennis Eckhaus <eckhaus1 at comcast.net>  2007-12-01 18:39:03 ---
I renamed the /usr/lib/wine/winealsa.drv.so to winealsa.drv.so.old and then
wineprefixcreate was able to successfully complete.

The winecfg ran as well, and when I clicked the audio tab it offered to delete
the Alsa registry entry as it said the driver was not there.  I said no to that
in hopes that eventually this will get sorted, perhaps in either another alsa
upgrade or a Wine version upgrade.  I selected OSS from the choices in winecfg
of either OSS or Jack.

My "DreamAquarium" program ran fine with the "bubbles" audio track it plays so
I guess the sound is working okay.

But this isn't completely right, correct?  I have the full .15 (whatever the
rest of the numbers are) release version of Alsa installed, as contained in the
OpenSUSE Build Service Multimedia Audio repository.  The rest of the audio on
my system is using Alsa and working fine.  Why is Wine having a problem with

Not sure what status this bug should have now, since this solution although
getting Wine to work really does not fix the problem of the Alsa driver not
working.  It just works around it by substituting the OSS driver, which is
actually using the alsa-oss wrapper I assume.

So, do you think it is the final released version of Alsa that is the buggy
program or Wine's use of it?

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