[Bug 5884] VB6 application fails to convert date to string formatted weekdays

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Sun Dec 2 05:40:39 CST 2007


--- Comment #15 from Jiri Palecek <jpalecek at web.de>  2007-12-02 05:40:39 ---
> But I'm not sure I understand what you wanted to say.

I wanted to describe the correct behaviour.

> localeValue += (iWeekday - 1 + iFirstDay - 1) % 7

But this would return monday for iFirstday==1 and iWeekday==1,
wouldn't it? If yes, it's wrong, it should be sunday.

> I had doubts about having both the function and the 
> function test on the same calls but I'll extend the test, 
> better be safe.

They are (hopefully) tested elsewhere, so it should be OK.

+    if (buff) WideCharToMultiByte(...); \
+    else buff[0] = '\0'; \

This is suspicious. If you called this with buff==0 (although you
don't) it would write to address 0.

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