[Bug 10608] Not work export sql of Power Designer 12.1, problem with VBscript

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--- Comment #7 from Vitaliy Margolen <vitaliy at kievinfo.com>  2007-12-02 19:24:38 ---
This command IS INVALID.
$ wine .wine/drive_c/Archivos\ de\ programa/Sybase/PowerDesigner\

I'm guessing you still can not read the FAQ. Then just for you here it is:

How do I run Wine?

Wine is not something you run, you run applications with it. Simply open your
applications and Wine should be loaded to run them automatically. You can
configure your wine environment by running winecfg, and you can browse your
fake windows drive at ~/.wine/drive_c

If you would like a general overview and tutorial about using Wine, you can
read the User Guide. For the most part, however, Wine should be as
straightforward as clicking the application you'd like to run from your
Gnome/KDE/Whatever menu.

When using the terminal there are two valid methods of running applications.
The first method is to chdir into the program's folder and then run the
application directly, e.g.

cd "~/.wine/drive_c/Games/Tron" && wine tron.exe 

The second method should ONLY be used if you are intending to install from
something which has multiple CDs (you need to use this method to allow you to
swap discs) as it doesn't always work. It consists in using the full Windows
path like so...

wine "C:\Games\Tron\tron.exe" 

Do NOT run with the full Linux path i.e. "wine /stuff/mygame.exe" or by double
clicking icons from your file manager (sometimes this works but more often it
will fail with errors of some sort).

This is because Wine passes this path as-is to the windows program in argv[0].
This is exactly what cmd.exe does and Wine has extensive tests for that.
However some programs expect fully qualified windows path in argv[0], and break
if they don't get it. Lots of programs written with Borland tools will have
that problem because Borland mistakenly stated in the manuals that argv[0] will
always be set to fully qualified path of the executable. Which is not the case.

If you use Gnome, KDE or XFCE4, then after you have installed some applications
in Wine you should notice a Wine subfolder in your main desktop menu with menu
entries for all your installed Wine programs (as long as you told them to make
Start Menu shortcuts). If any apps seem to be missing try running "wineboot"
and looking again.

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