[Bug 10640] Change to modern Windows colours - not enough

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Sun Dec 2 21:30:25 CST 2007


--- Comment #4 from Bamm Gabriana <bammzilla at gabriana.com>  2007-12-02 21:30:25 ---
Last time I checked (and suggest you check that too) the WinXP "Classic" colors
defined in HKCU\Control Panel\Colors are the same as Win2k. I know that because
I hate the Luna look too, and always use Windows Classic under XP.

Prior to 0.9.50, the default colors of Wine were that of Win98 even though its
default setup is Win2k. Perhaps haven't noticed the difference between Win98
and Win2k colors?

Which brings me to another point: why not make the colors match the Windows
version Wine is set to? For example, if Wine is set to Win98, then use Win98
colors. If Wine is set to either Win2k or WinXP, then use the Win2k/XP-classic
colors. However, that should be another bug!

You're straying away from the topic. This bug is just a minor correction to a
patch by Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes. Can someone add him to the CC list of
this bug please? Thanks.

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