[Bug 9717] Gothic 3 - shadow on the upper half of the screen

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Tue Dec 4 01:13:54 CST 2007


--- Comment #14 from Norbert Lataille <nonal at freesurf.fr>  2007-12-04 01:13:53 ---

Some news here.

I have a patch looking like a workaround for this bug (on this game).
Still looking for a complete fix, though. I will have a look at Crysis
bug reports to see if this is looking like the same issue.

Now that I can test it, I am disappointed by performance of this game 
when looking at some directions/zones.

It does not seem to be related to the workaround, though (my windows box
is also showing slowdowns in some regions/directions). So, possibly the
game is un-optimized, and wine layer is making things worse.

I am installing oprofile to get a status report, and see if I can 
do something on this front.

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