[Bug 6936] eMule uses 40% CPU when idle permanently, independent of CPU speed

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Thu Dec 6 16:21:11 CST 2007


--- Comment #30 from jm at jm10.no-ip.com  2007-12-06 16:21:10 ---
(In reply to comment #29)
You're right: this piece of code exists in eMule 0.48a (emuleDlg.cpp).
But if you look at comment #21, you'll that I did the tests with this version
of eMule (0.48a).

In other words, since you suggest to close this bug, do you mean eMule can't do
better ? That I will always have to keep a dialog box open ?

For me, wasting 15% of a P3 1GHz for nothing is not negligible, even if it's
less than with previous versions.

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