[Bug 10577] Maya PLE 8.5 problem with MS Visual C++ library

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Fri Dec 7 12:12:59 CST 2007


--- Comment #11 from Alex Villacís Lasso <a_villacis at palosanto.com>  2007-12-07 12:12:58 ---
Posted patches have been committed in current git.

With posted patches, AutoDesk Maya starts up correctly for me. However, there
are some problems with OpenGL support which vary depending on the DRI/Mesa
combination used. But error dialog does not appear anymore.

This particular bug can be considered fixed. However, please confirm it works
for your case. Could you please specify what kind of graphics setup do you
have? Graphics chipset, driver (free or proprietary?), amount of video RAM,
GNU/Linux distribution, and so on.

These are my results on the machines I have available:
Work machine (ATI Radeon XPress 200M, Fedora 7, radeon open source driver):
half of the time, startup fails with an X server error. The other half, it
works correctly, but central panel sometimes goes black. Using fglrx-supplied
(with fglrx proprietary driver): starts up correctly, but central panel is
always black.
Home machine (ProSavage, Fedora 7, open source driver): with DRI enabled,
startup fails with BadValue X error. With DRI disabled (Mesa software
rendering), startup crashes entire X server. Maya is therefore unusable on my
home machine.

However, all of this is matter for another bug report.

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