[Bug 10750] shdocvw carshes after showing webpage

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Wed Dec 12 12:48:13 CST 2007


--- Comment #1 from Pauli Nieminen <paniemin at cc.hut.fi>  2007-12-12 12:48:12 ---
I have studied the crash a bit more and narrowed crash to moment when button is
clicked and code is getting ready load next page. Popup stayes open if I make
code to return E_FAIL when ti should after failing to get moniker.

As my time is limited and my debbuging skills with wine are limited I can't
follow code logic well in parts where no output is made to terminal. MY quess
is that it is in wineserver but I don't know (yet) how to see that output.

Those who want to see the webform without installing bbo can open this link in
browser: http://online.bridgebase.com/wiz/wizps.php

It showing same page as with extra parameters need for connecting request to a

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