[Bug 9717] Gothic 3 - shadow on the upper half of the screen

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Fri Dec 14 16:32:34 CST 2007


--- Comment #31 from Norbert Lataille <nonal at freesurf.fr>  2007-12-14 16:32:34 ---
> Easy? Where do I have to look at? Or how could I check if it is a memory leak?
> Played on low details there was no crash (over 30 minutes).

First thing you can do is from time to time check the memory size of the
top, ps auxw, cat /proc/PID/status all show vmRSS exploding => few gigs.

On my side, I can confirm there is a memory leak in wined3d, visible in wine
logs. I am trying to spot which source files are concerned.

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