[Bug 9787] Warcraft3 Battle.net Doesn't work (Needs AcceptEx)

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Fri Dec 14 18:55:24 CST 2007


--- Comment #103 from Jan Hurst <jan at janhurst.com>  2007-12-14 18:55:22 ---
I'm not convinced that the button disable problem is unrelated.

Before (say 0.9.45ish) occasionally connecting to a game would fail... waiting
2-3 minutes would eventually return a failure message. This is similar to what
happens under windows and might occur say 10% of the time.

Since the AcceptEx stuffing about of the last few weeks, when a game fails to
connect most often you NEVER receive a failure message (say 99% of the time,
very very infrequently it returns a failure message) and the only solution is
to kill the war3.exe process and restart.

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