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--- Comment #37 from Claudio <sick_soul at yahoo.it>  2007-12-15 16:55:05 ---
(In reply to comment #35)
> Regarding the status, that is just a bugzilla category. A new bug is
> "UNCONFIRMED", when people confirm it it becomes "NEW". The next step is
> "RESOLVED" - with various reasons, e.g. FIXED, WONTFIX, ABANDONED, ..., after
> that CLOSED. So "NEW" doesn't mean that the bug isn't older than $DAYS. The
> "NEW" is what you mean with confirmed propably.

Ok. The category names confused me.
Thanks for your explanation.

> As far as fixing this bug is concerned, an open source project isn't
> something where you can drop in and order something to be done.

I know. I work on free software projects of my own.
I did not mean to order anyone to do anything. 
Through my vote and comment I meant to suggest to change the status
(based on a wrong understanding of the categories),
and morph the current workarounds in a fix available for default wine.

> Possible reasons why this
> bug isn't fixed could be
> a) None of the developer has personal or commercial interest in the specific
> games
> b) None of the developers has time to fix it. Remember, many are working on
> Wine in their free time.
> c) No volunteer got around to fix it yet(as everyone only demands that it gets
> fixed)
> d) The bug is harder to fix than the simple workaround suggests. There might
> even be architectural differences between Windows and X11 which make it
> impossible to fix correctly.

This is one of the main problems with wine for me.
I do not have the time to try to fix wine bugs myself.
More so since I tried to invest time once to do that,
but my patches remained out of tree (which is fine by itself),
but I did not reach an open, satisfying discussions about the
issues underlying them.

So say I want some bugs fixed (not workarounds, but
fixes in order to make the api behave as the MS implementation),
by paying wine developers to do that. 
I think there _is_ a company behind wine. So do you have 
anything in place? Is paying for each bug enough to 
generate the commercial interest in fixing them?

> In case of this bug, it's a combination of all 3 issues.

My main interest is for vanilla wine to be better, as I see Wine
as a powerful tool to facilitate the move towards free software.
But it has a long way to go to reach the level of compatibility
with the win32 API I (and I guess many others) would like to see.

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