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--- Comment #39 from Dan Kegel <dank at kegel.com>  2007-12-15 19:35:29 ---
I've been helping sponsor some work on Wine for the last year
or two.  The way I go about it is 
a) be a fairly good wine developer and do lots of QA 
myself, so I can direct the work intelligently;
b) hire interns to work on subsystems that are obviously 
important but not obviously urgent (e.g. widl, com/ole, msi,
gdiplus, crypt32, bits).  This only works because of (a) above,
and because my company looks on hiring interns as a recruiting
c) hire codeweavers to work on apps that are important to 
my company (e.g. picasa).
But that's kind of big-time.

More commonly, Codeweavers fixes the bugs that the average
Crossover user runs into. 
That's why Microsoft Office bugs get fixed - because jillions
of Crossover users need it, and because Crossover users pay
for support.

So if you're an individual or small business looking to
support Wine, but who can't work on the code directly,
often the simplest way to do it is to
buy Crossover licenses.

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