[Bug 8051] Sims 2 demo exits prematurely

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--- Comment #22 from Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at gmx.at>  2007-12-16 15:03:58 ---
(In reply to comment #21)

> 1)As it seems there isn't really a "software processing
> mode" in wined3d (right?),

> 2) next problem is that GetDepthStencilSurface() fails with D3DERR_NOTFOUND.
> What happens is:
> CreateDevice() called with AutoDepthStencil=true
> SetDepthStencil(NULL)
> Reset() called with AutoDepthStencil=true
> GetDepthStencilSurface() is expected to return something.
> Not sure what the proper fix is here. Just reassign the stencilBufferTarget to
> existing auto_depth_stencil_buffer as done in the patch or create a new one ?
Writing a test for this might reveal more information.

> 3) segfault because of missing export Direct3DShaderValidatorCreate9().
> Sadly this function seems to be completely undocumented :(.
Oh indeed, the sdk says it is internal and should not be used. That will be
tricky. Note that we must not look at the windows code to find out what it
does. We can try to find out what it does by writing tests, and looking at what
Sim2 wants.

> Demo is still completely unusable though because of rendering errors(most
> notably the sim isn't rendered at all).
Could be because of the shader constant problems. Does Sims2 ever set anything
else but 0/0/0/0 to any constant > 224?

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