[Bug 10799] Myst Masterpiece Edition crashes at startup

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Mon Dec 17 07:15:24 CST 2007


--- Comment #4 from Mateus César Gröess <mateuscg at gmail.com>  2007-12-17 07:15:24 ---
The debugger output attached was taken using 0.9.51, I forgot to mention. I was
confused and set version 0.9.49 for the report because the problem first
happened with it, but happens also with 0.9.50/0.9.51 in the same form.
Unfortunally a demo of this game was not found. If somebody find one, please
tell me where it can be downloaded. The game runs on wine with a sound-related
problem and I would like to report it, but I need a link to a demo to provide a
way to people test. From what I remember, the game does not work with versions
newer than Windows 98, at least without patches, so I set wine to Windows 98.
Instalation of QuickTime Player is required. I installed the version contained
in the same CD-ROM (version 4.5 I guess). Myst switches to fullscreen at
startup. When it crashes, I can see an empty window. Maybe the game first
creates it just before goes to fullscreen.

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