[Bug 7711] tomtom home does not find the device go 901

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Wed Dec 19 01:48:49 CST 2007


--- Comment #25 from Alexander K. Seewald <alex at seewald.at>  2007-12-19 01:48:48 ---
I have the following hal libraries (debian etch packages) installed. AFAIK the
hal works perfectly under normal linux (otherwise the drive would not attach),
so what's the problem with wine here?

ii  hal                                                     
Hardware Abstraction Layer
ii  libhal-dev                                              
Hardware Abstraction Layer - development fil
ii  libhal-storage-dev                                      
Hardware Abstraction Layer - development fil
ii  libhal-storage1                                         
Hardware Abstraction Layer - shared library
ii  libhal1                                                 
Hardware Abstraction Layer - shared library

AFAIK wine has everything it needs - configure --verbose gives:
checking dbus/dbus.h usability... yes
checking dbus/dbus.h presence... yes
checking for dbus/dbus.h... yes
checking hal/libhal.h usability... yes
checking hal/libhal.h presence... yes
checking for hal/libhal.h... yes
checking for dbus_connection_close in -ldbus-1... yes
checking for -lhal... libhal.so.1

I've noted that in wine/dlls/hal, in hal.spec there are almost only stubs,
except for...

@ stdcall -norelay KfAcquireSpinLock(ptr)
@ stdcall -norelay KfLowerIrql(long)
@ stdcall -norelay KfRaiseIrql()
@ stdcall -norelay KfReleaseSpinLock(ptr long)

Is there a known hal-related problem with linux kernel 2.6.23-rc3? What should
I do next to ensure a working hal up to at least device broadcast on plugging
in? And how exactly do I debug this? (i.e. is there a proper +debug parameter
to get the device notifications from hal-layer?)

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