[Bug 8945] Adobe Indesign CS3 and Photoshop CS3 fail to install

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Thu Dec 20 07:41:20 CST 2007


--- Comment #15 from Dan Kegel <dank at kegel.com>  2007-12-20 07:41:19 ---
I just downloaded a fresh Photoshop CS3 trial (the extended version),
applied all of Rob's and Maarten's regression fixes from 
yesterday, and applied James' com initialization fix from today.
I then did
  rm -rf .wine
  sh winetricks fakeie6 vcrun6 wsh56 msxml3 winver=winxp
and ran the CS3 tryout installer.
It unpacked ok, and the inner installer ran for a bit,
but failed before the wizard, complaining
  "You can only install one Adobe product at a time.
  Please complete the other installation before 
  attempting to install Adobe Photoshop CS3."
Interestingly, the Adobe installer seems to make
heavy use of Javascript.  This message may be
triggered by 
Program Files/Common
which says

// Test for singleton
if (!uidev && (containerProxyTester.IsSetupLocked() ||
    (!bootstrapLaunched && containerProxyTester.IsBootstrapperLocked()) ||
                       !containerProxyTester.AcquireSetupLock())) {

So, tally-ho.  Anybody for debugging this javascript?

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